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2559 Quance Street
Regina, SK, S4V 2X5





We take pride in the comments we receive about our paint, and we look forward to seeing the wonderful, creative paintings and projects that are created with Stoneground watercolours.  

Here are just a few of the glowing reviews we have received…


Any Adventure Designs

“I started adding watercolour paint into my work this past year and decided to try out Stoneground Paint after meeting them at the Home Show in Calgary. Supporting Canadian Made Products is important to me and I am very proud to tell my own customers that the paints I use are also made in Canada. These paints are very vivid, blend beautifully and a small amount of colour goes a long way. I especially love using the metallic colours in my paintings and highly suggest giving them a try (they are just as fun as they look!).”


Cory Carlin

“As someone who has painted primarily acrylic and oil for about 20 years I decided to try something new in watercolour painting. I spent quite a bit of time researching paint brands and styles and purchased small amounts from different companies. I stumbled across Stoneground when they were just coming into Calgary and liked the idea of a handmade product from Canada so I gave it a try and immediately loved it. It just seems brighter and more pigmented than others I tried so now it is my go to watercolour. Not only are you supporting a local handmade company, you are getting a superior product.”


Renee Wehring

“I've been a practicing artist for many years and have always valued quality art supplies. Watercolour has always been a favourite medium of mine and I have tried many different brands, I came across Stoneground's beautiful paints in an Inglewood art store here in Calgary, AB. The moment I used 'bone black' I knew there was no going back. Not only do their paints provide the most amazing pigment, they truly rise above any previous paint I have used in every way. The fact that they are a lovely small local Canadian company is icing on the cake!”